Smells a bit fishy

Fish fish fish! I have only ever eaten fish that has been battered in the chippy or tuna from a can. I have never really tried a proper meal with fish so I searched the BBC Good Food recipes and came up with a few things to try. Friday is now fish night!

Now when I say fish there is no way I am going to buy and cook fish that have eyes! It’s something I just can’t face! So I bought cod. Working on a tight budget I went for the frozen variety. It worked very well, I might buy some fresh cod one day but for now the frozen was good enough.

Here is the original recipe

The only thing I changed was the sugar, I used caster as I didn’t have brown and to be honest didn’t want to buy a bag when I only needed 1 tablespoon!

The fish took a little longer to cook as it was cooked from frozen as the packet suggests to. Because of this the tomatoes had reduced a bit too much. As I cooked for two I halved all the ingredients, except for the tomatoes, I still used a full 400g tin ¬†as I prefer to have a bit more sauce, it was lucky that I did. I served with boiled potatoes. The only negative point with this is that it isn’t very filling. So maybe next time I make it I will make some veg to go with it.

The recipe resulted in two empty plates, which means a roaring success as my Boyfriend is a very picky eater. So all in all a very successful fish dish.

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